Cerro Coso Community College



Instructor Certification Training Program

The Instructor Certification Training Program (ICTP) is part of the accreditation process. This program ensures the uniform and consistent delivery of training. Through this program, NCCER certifies the Master Trainer, who in turn certifies the local Craft Instructor. This network of certified instructors assures that NCCER training programs meet the standards of instruction set by the industry.

  • Standardize training for instructors and improve the quality of instruction.
  • Provide future instructors insight into proven training methods.
  • Relate training directly to teaching specific curricula.
  • Coordinate the instructor's role in the accreditation process.
  • Teach instructors how to monitor trainee's progress.
  • Standardize the delivery of materials and information.
  • Assist instructors in understanding how to use modules to ensure that trainees receive quality training in their areas.
  • Furnish instructors the flexibility to meet the needs of Accredited Training Sponsors (ATSs).


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